Our Services

To the Bank with a value system hinged on professionalis, ethics, superior customer service, integrity, transparency and innovation.

Bulk Remittances

The solution is cost effective and accessible as multi channels will be provided for collections, thereby providing more convenient options.

Mobile/Branchless Banking

Have access to your funds, anywhere, anytime. Our branchless bank allows you to perform transactions 24/7

Inward/Outward Funds Transfer

Our Customers can send and receive funds into their accounts to/from any banks in Nigeria through NIBSS NIP/NEFT, Autopay,Quickteller.

ATM Card

Carry out your banking activities from the comfort of your home and offices. Our ATM Cards can be used on any ATM machines accross Nigeria.

Bills Collection and Payment

We empower billers to receive payments from customers from anywhere across the country, through multiple channels.

Correspondent Banking

Our corresponding bank facilitates wire transfers, conduct business transactions, accept deposits and gather documents on our behalf.